Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Talk it Out!

Update from yesterday: I got my c-section date changed back!!! Very exciting. We're in for 7:30am on Monday the 31st!! So relieved. The scheduler said he didn't know why they did that because Monday was wide open. What the heck! Anyway, I'm glad that I can be a somewhat sane pregnant lady for now. :)

I thought today about how Dean has had such growth in speech lately. I guess it really does explain a little more of the plateau in gross motor skills. His new speech therapist Jessica is just great and Dean is really responding since she has ben working with him. Today Dean had PT and FOUR times he said, "Jen" (his PT's name) in context! It was so cool. I thought about it and he really does have about a dozen words right now. Some of them are more consistent than are others, but he somewhat regularly says:

"banana" (this comes out a few ways)
"again" (sounds like "ag-eh")
"all done" ("all-duh")
"Bidon" (my mom; comes out like "Bi-duh")
"bye" or "buh-bye"
"Nah" (no)
"baby" ("ba-beh")
"Jen" (sometimes "Jen" and sometimes "Jeh")

Sometimes it takes a careful ear to pick up that he is saying the same thing in a particular context that is, in fact, a word. Other times, like today with "Jen" or when he was looking for the "ba-beh" in the car seat the other day, it's clear as a bell.

This is so exciting!!! He's gained all these just in the last two months. Can't wait to see what else he comes up with. He's been communicating for a LONG time, even since the beginning when he would just wrinkle his brow or turn towards a familiar voice. But it's nice to hear him *talk.* I can't wait to hear him say "Cole" and "Emmett," or anything approaching those words. He'll have so much fun using those words to play with his brothers. :)

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Janet Gulley said...

I totally agree that Dean's language spurt could be the root of slowing his gross motor progress. I saw that a few times with Ayden Jane. In fact, there were times we saw mastered skills fade for a bit while that little brain focused all its efforts on verbal and cognitive skills. So very cool.