Friday, February 4, 2011


Finally getting some time intersecting with energy to make a post! We are doing well with the 3 boys at home. It just feels so normal for them all to be here and like they were always all here with us. I love that they are young enough that they will mostly only know life with each other. Dean is starting to be more comfortable with Emmett and loves to say, "brother" and "baby" when he's around him. Cole is so gentle and good to his littlest brother. At bedtime prayer, he loves to thank God that Emmett is home. :)

Emmett so far is a great baby. He's so content, smiley (even if it's just gas :)), and pretty much only cries when he's hungry or if you change his diaper/take his clothes off. He is the first of our babies to like a pacifier and just wants to be held. It's cute (as long as he doesn't mind spending a lot of in a baby sling!). It's so different having a baby who actually cries when they are upset or needs something, and they're not attached to all these tubes, wires, and monitors! Handling Emmett is so much easier too since we can just pick him up or do whatever without much concern about floppy airways or limbs bending in ways that could cause him harm. Watching the doctors do a newborn exam on him in the hospital was like witnessing a miracle. Back to basics. Love it! I know that all this happened before with Cole, but we just didn't know that we were watching something so amazing. We know that there are challenges with having ANY baby, but it's really nice not having to deal with all the "bonus" issues right now on top of having another kid.

Recovery, I have to admit, has been a lot harder this time around. I'm not sure if it's just idiosyncracies related to this birth, or that it was my 3rd c-section in less than 3.5 years, or that they tied my tubes while they were in there. I'm in a lot more pain and am retaining a lot of fluid in my lower abdomen. It kind of stinks. But I'd take this any day for a healthy baby, because I know that my pain will get better. It will not last.

All right, enough talking, here are some pictures!

Dean mauling - I mean, meeting Emmett for the first time, Cole for the second

"Playing" with big brother Cole at home

Oh, and just in case anyone doesn't see the resemblance to Cole as a baby, how about this?

My guys!!

Silly Cole

B&E snooze time

Family of 5!!



Ashley & Timothy said...

So excited for you all! Happy family of 5!

Trisha said...

How fun to be all at home together!

Nico S. said...

That pic of Cole with the Boppy pillow on his head made me laugh so hard! He is such a riot!!!!

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Nico, he was calling himself a "donut head." There was a song and dance to boot. lol!