Saturday, February 26, 2011

In the Neighborhood

I am so excited about the response for the giveaway I posted yesterday! (Click HERE to go to the post and find out how to enter!) In particular, I loved reading all the mom stories that you have posted. Entries can be received until next Friday!!

For today...

Tomorrow, we're going to take a little drive over to Richmond to look at places to live (folks I know there, a visit is not looking likely, but soon!!). We're going to go out with our realtor next weekend to be more official about it all, but tomorrow we're more just going to drive around and get a feel for neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods. Did you grow up in a neighborhood? I did. There were a bunch of kids on our street (some of whom are still friends on Facebook!) and we were out and about running around and playing all the time. Seriously fun and definitely some great memories.

I'm looking forward to experiencing the joy of a neighborhood with our boys. Living out in the middle of nowhere by ourselves just really isn't even an option. And Bob agrees with this - it's not just coming from me, the crazy extrovert! When Bob and I were grad students at Gordon-Conwell, we were insanely spoiled. Our condensed "neighborhood" consisted of living in an apartment building surrounded by friends and great young families all around us. Yes, it was crazy, but it was FUN. And we miss the community that we had there so easily. How often do you get to go a few doors down the hall and have a playdate - without even going outside?! It was cool.

And we're thinking about schools. We've already found a preschool for Cole, but we also want to keep in mind school beyond that. And we're thinking about what Dean will need (and really, we don't know exactly what that is just yet), but we want to make sure that we're somewhere that will have resources and supports readily available. It's so odd to look at my three "tiny" boys and think about them getting all big and going to school. But I know we'll blink and it'll happen that quickly. Sigh.

So, in ways that we haven't quite gotten to enjoy Charlottesville, we'll enjoy Richmond as our boys grow and we grow into our neighborhood. It'll be fun. :)

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