Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making Connections

Thanks all for your responses regarding Dean's recent behavior. For all the protesting he did yesterday during PT, he made some neat connections today! The boys were watching Dora the Explorer (they watch TV for a bit after nap each day) and Dora asked if Swiper (one of the characters) was hiding behind this rock. Dean responded with a hearty, "Yeah!" We cracked up. He never interacts with TV shows. lol

And then during speech therapy, Jessica was blowing bubbles with him and Dean went over to the bookshelf, sorted through the books and found a book about bubbles to show her! Love it. He's a clever little dude! Here's a cute little pic of them playing with hats:

Cole's making so many connections too in his world. He's so imaginative with his play and is very curious about all types of animals. Thank goodness for Wikipedia being able to tell us things like what skunks eat (look it up, you'd be surprised at some of the answers!). What I love most is that Cole has that glimmer of excitement in his eyes as he learns this new information. I remember when I taught Pre-K loving the age (4 and 5) because they were so EAGER to learn! It's too fun. At 3.5, Cole is entering into that phase and it's really cute. He's also learning his letters and other more "academic" things here and there, I guess mostly at school. We haven't done a ton at home because I know he'll learn it there, and also because the second I'm interested in directly teaching Cole something, he's outta there. Sound familiar to another sibling I was describing yesterday? Silly kids. We have to make everything a game!

And then for fun, more pics!

My strong little boy in tummy time!

Not amused anymore. "Save me, Mommy!"

Looking at Daddy :)

My 3 boys!! Gotta love Deano chewing on the empty Diet Coke bottle! lol

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