Sunday, February 20, 2011

"New Age" Thoughts, If You Will...

Dean is going to be 2 in a few months, which kind of blows my mind. It really does feel like just a few short weeks ago that we were in the midst of his birth and the craziness that ensued - and getting all too familiar with this thing called Prader-Willi.

Anyway, my baby, who is not even my baby anymore, is going to be 2. As he approaches this age, I feel more of an expectation of what he is doing compared to others his age and he's old enough that we notice differences in how he relates to kids younger and older than him. When he's with older kids, he's more likely to want to join in their play, while when he's with babies, he more just mouthes objects and acts... well, like a baby. A big thing holding him back is definitely walking, so once he hits that milestone (stilllllllll coming!), it will change his ability to keep up with others (including Cole!). So we find ourselves in places like church, moms groups, etc. wanting to put him with kids his chronological age, but he would most likely need one-on-one help to make the most of the situation. Is that us? Until he goes to school, I guess. Tricky trying to figure this all out, because as with any of our kids, we're learning as we go. We just want to make sure that we are communicating to Dean that we see him as he is and have no limits for him. He writes his future! Pray for wisdom for us to know how to do this.

Would love to hear ideas or feedback from others!


Kevin said...

If Dean wants to join the older kids, that is great. That means that his spirit hasn't been crushed. (I had a hard time in elementary school.)

BlogHer publishing has me down. There is an ad on your blog for the Chevy Cruze for sale at the dealership that is feet away from where I work now.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

LOL about the car. Sorry, it's funny. :)

But you bring up a good point about being with older kids and the like: *most* people, regardless of having special needs or not, have a hard time in school! Sometimes it's safer to be with the younger kids because they don't know to reject you, where your peers or older might. :/