Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Newborn Sleep ... or Whatever You Call It

Having a newborn again brings me right back to when Cole was first born and how crazy it was. People TOLD us about the sleep deprivation, but we just didn't know and "get it" until we had a baby of our own. I didn't know that we'd look back at pictures of us from those first few weeks and that Bob and I looked half-dead. lol Bob and I often actually hallucinated in the middle of the night thinking that Cole was stuck in the bed, or Bob would wander around the room in the middle of the night and not go to bed until I asked him what he was doing and his answer was, "I just don't know." LOL One time I was so tired that I was feeding Cole in the middle of the night and I went to burp him. I couldn't figure out why Cole wouldn't burp, until I realized that instead of trying to burp him on his back, I was trying to burp the back of his head. Poor baby! LOL Oh goodness.

I also didn't know that eventually, the sleep situation would get better and we might even feel human from time to time. With Cole, who had colic, that time took a while, but it came. Dean was a great sleeper, actually TOO great a sleeper because of his hypotonia and the incredible amount of energy it took him just to be awake.

Emmett is Door #3. He's fussy and sleeps in spurts like a newborn does, but he doesn't have the same level of feistiness that Cole had. This is good. :) On good news, he only wakes twice to eat and then goes back to bed. With the reflux, we're having some nights that are more challenging and he just can't seem to get settled. We're trying various types of (SAFE) inclines so that Emmett can be comfortable and everyone can get a little more rest.

In honor of newborn sleep, the token swaddle torture pictures. He hates the swaddle so much, but he really needs it! So cute and sad. lol

Give me your newborn sleep stories!

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L. Peters said...

He is adorable! Oh those precious new born swaddling photos! It has been a long time for this household. I can remember my son Weston sleeping in his crib with a binky in his mouth and one in each hand (in case he lost one)!