Monday, February 21, 2011

Toddler 'Tude

I call Dean a toddler even though he's not technically "toddling" yet. But man, he has the toddler attitude! Whether it's his age or a reaction to having a new baby in the house, Dean's responses to a lot of things have been different lately. He cries more when people leave, including when we leave him. He has a little more separation anxiety. He protests vehemently for most diaper changes, wiping his face clean, even getting his GH shot (he normally doesn't seem to care about it). He's protested many of these things before, but now it's a to a greater degree. He has become more picky about what he wants to eat, in particular with protein. We're having a hard time getting variety in his diet. He's been a little more standoff-ish than usual and not as lovely-dovey as he often is.

Today during physical therapy, he completely rebelled. Would hardly do anything that Jen wanted him to do. It was frustrating. Last time he got us so excited with using his walker and today he didn't want anything to do with any of it! Sigh. This kid is clearly on his own agenda!

Clearly there are reasons for him having more of a 'tude lately, but I can't help but think ahead to what behavioral issues he may or may not have related to PWS. I'm just not very patient and I don't know how I'll handle that stuff if/when it comes up! From the FPWR website, the short description about behavioral issues and PWS is: "Behavioral difficulties may include obsessive-compulsive symptoms, skin picking, and difficulty controlling emotions. Adults with PWS are at increased risk for mental illness." I'm nervous! For now, we just approach our little boy the way he is, a determined and desiring-to-be-independent, almost-2-year-old!

Dealing with tantrums isn't really anything new, for a certain redhead has given us a thorough schooling in the art. But it's just new coming from Dean! We're trying to talk him through his frustrations (especially when they are related to speech difficulties) and figure out how to set him up for success. Any and all suggestions are welcome!


Kera said...

Delilah is having the same attitude. Little girl protests EVERYTHING! I think it's mostly the age. But I also think it has to do with her frustrations when she can't do or tell me something. Like climb onto the couch. You should hear the screaming she does just trying to get on the couch. I think it will get better as she is able to communicate her needs/wants better.

Kim said...

I think alot of that is just the age and maybe not so much to do with PWS. My Mallory (21 months old) used to do lots of "tricks" whenever I asked like touch your head, how old are you, etc. She won't do anything I ask anymore and usually completely ignores me. I think they like to exert their independence as the approach 2 years old so it sounds like Dean is doing just that!

Kevin said...

I agree with Kera and Kim. I think that it is just the age.