Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Brothers 3

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Many have asked about the relationship of the three boys now that we've been home for a little bit. It's so fun to see them all and to think, "this is our family." Adding Emmett to the mix has changed all of them to some extent, which I hadn't really anticipated. Not in a bad way, just opening a new chapter for C, D, & E. :)

Cole is still in love with his little brother and really gets it. He has stepped up even more as a big brother and helps me out a lot. He is very protective of both of his brothers... which brings me to Dean. Dean is now acting like the almost-2-year-old that he is and is really testing us in new ways. This is nothing compared to what Cole was like at this age, but it's been a little bit of a shock compared to Dean's usually laidback personality. He's not really interested in his little brother most times and if left alone with him, will whack Emmett on the head repeatedly. :( Or heck, he'll just crawl right over him! Emmett is patient but not afraid to protest. Dean takes toys from Emmett and it's so weird now to be *disciplining* Dean. We haven't had to do this much before! Yesterday I put Dean in timeout for the first time and my heart broke. He totally "got it" and calmed down afterwards. Wowsers. Not my Deaners! Cole was more concerned about Dean being in timeout than he usually is about himself being there!

Emmett is a little contemplative. He loves to have some quiet paci time each night where he just hangs out on the Boppy and goes to town on his pacifier while looking all around. He's doing it right now while I type. So cute. He's fussy only moderately, likes to be held whenever he's not sleeping, is moderately successful with settling himself to sleep, is a good nurser but only nurses when he "needs" to. He's a little sweetheart. I find myself just holding him close and soaking up all the sweet little baby goodness knowing that this is our last. I'm going to miss the tiny-ness. :) Oh, and the probiotics *seem* to be working. His tummy is calmer and we've had to console him less and less for it. That's a win for us all!!

So, that's the round-up. It's going to be so fun to watch the boys grow together. Here is their first combo bath last night. We let them use our tub. :)


Kevin said...

Ali, Dean's behavior fits the pattern, meaning he is perfectly normal. A young Ann, was heard to say "I want to splat the baby" which meant Alice. Sarah was the big sister. It took Alice a long time to walk outside of her crib because Ann would knock her over when no one was looking. In turn, Alice was not thrilled when Hannah came on the scene. You can fix it by giving Dean just as much attention as he got before Emmett came by. That should be easy, right?

Stop the train - I want to get on!! said...

I am going to leave my comments in 2 parts.

Part 1 - I love your blog!! Your boys are so awesome and I am loving how much they are changing with E. D's reaction to E reminds me a lot of my S. She was 17 months when Z was born and there were a few very trying months. We still get a lot of "Suzie's turn"'s. I am so glad you are getting a chance to have a baby who appears to have low needs. What a treasure!!!

2nd part - for the contest:
My mom is awesome. She lives in WA state but has been out to help me with the kids 5 times since Z was born. She has been an exceptional role model and she raised us predominately on her own.

Stop the train - I want to get on!! said...

umm this is Jill Henderson - I don't know how to get rid of that blog stuff. I am too lazy to really do a blog.