Saturday, March 5, 2011

Take Two

Tomorrow we go to Richmond to look at houses. This is exciting, although also what we planned to do last Sunday until a deer slammed into our car. I'm learning now that if we don't have control even over a simple Sunday drive, there's not much we *do* have control over. So, we'll see what comes of tomorrow. :) Exciting and nervous all at the same time! It's fun to talk about the upcoming move with Cole and give him incentives for why moving will be cool:

-we'll have more space
-we won't be living on top of other people, so you can thump around all you want on the floor
-we'll have a yard of some kind
-we'll have a new exciting place to live

Or something like that. :) We're praying for wisdom as we look tomorrow.

Other than that, time to catch up on pictures!! Here goes...

Man, I love this kid...

All clean!

Time with big brother Coley :)

Documentation of inner-leg baby chub, my fave. :)

Playing with the recycling truck with swim goggles on... you know, the usual apparel.

Dean *thinking about* whether he's going to clock his little brother...

Hanging with Daddy

"Waaa, this post is over!"


Esther Scott said...

I have a friend that is thinking about writing a book on control, and how the only thing that you can control is your evening cup of tea. I told her that at this point in my life, I'm not even guaranteed that! I know the same is for you. All the best with house hunting today! God bless.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Esther, I agree! We tried a few nights that were supposed to include evening tea and we ended up with children in the ER. Sooooo, I guess everything is negotiable. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!!! Praying you find the perfect place in Richmond. Grandma Katie