Thursday, March 3, 2011


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Today's big news in the Shenk house is that Bob passed his next phase toward ordination! He had to go before the Committee on Ministry in Richmond and was interviewed about a bunch of Presbyterian-like matters. :) He passed with flying colors! They told them that they wished they had taped his interview to use as a model for others. Great!

So the last phase is Bob going before Presbytery, where he will preach and answer a bunch of questions. If he passes that, then he can finally get ordained!! This has been a loooooooong journey (since 2006!) and we are ready for it to be complete!

This week with Bob commuting has gone quite well. In a lot of ways, having three kids to take care of is not all that different from having two. Things just take a *little* bit longer, the apartment is a *little* (ok, a LOT) messier, and now I officially have zero hands free at any given time. lol But I'm enjoying it. Weirdly, I think hitting the deer right before this week started put some things in perspective. I have my family with me and that's all that matters. A tantrum here or a messy room there is not really all that important, as long as everyone is well.

And just wanted to share Cole's latest accomplishment: writing his name! I didn't think he really knew how to, and he admittedly had some help on the L and E, but it was so cute! I was proud of my students doing this when I was a teacher, and it's even more exciting when it's your own kid! Thank goodness they have short names. lol

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Jenn said...

What a happy bunch of updates! Hooray for your family! Way to go Bob! Way to go Cole! Yay!