Friday, October 28, 2011

Home, Trees, and a Job

Dean came home late this morning after having a GREAT night where he didn't even need oxygen. I am trying not to get too excited about that last detail, but it's hard not to. From here, it's just watching him, staying on top of the pain meds, and all the usual. Dean came home with an IV because Dr. Brager (the ENT) likes to do that for kids under 3 just in case they stop eating/drinking when the pain sets in more around days 3-5. So we'll play along and keep it in even though Dean is eating and drinking wonderfully (which is huge, by the way. I know this is because of praying).

Here's the little man, not up to his usual just yet, but looking great:
He was confused about how to do most things with his right hand since he's a lefty (like his mama :)). But I was impressed that he figured out how to do a lot right-handed today!

The home health aide who came to train us on the IV just made me laugh because we've had so many random people in our house to train us on all sorts of things in the last few years. At this point, I am now comfortable with NG and G-tube feedings, apnea monitors, pulse oximeters, oxygen, nebulizer, subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, IVs, suction, and... I think that's it? This was not in the original "parent" job description that I imagined for myself, but much about being a parent is quite a shock anyway. :)

I found it hilarious that among the bajillion hospital bracelets, Dean had this one:

Umm, Dean should have one of these on every day of his life. Sweet boy is a mess, falling all over the place!

Coley was thrilled to have his brother home. He's been pretty low-key about Dean having surgery and where is Dean? questions, etc., but boy did he light up when Dean was home. The brothers are reunited!

The other event of the day was the trees. The tall, menacing, LEANING trees in our front yard were cut down today! Relief. I was so happy about how much it opened up our front yard and will allow in more light and a better view.

Here's a before shot from a few days ago:

And today (in the rain) after the trees were down:

The boys had a blast watching it all come down. Not going to lie, I did too! I felt like a kid watching these arborists do their thing. More pics:

Last, but not least, I got a job! :) I've been working for a friend helping her with some copy editing for some medical journals. No, not what I went to school for, but I really like it and the flexibility is fantastic with our schedules. Being the good teacher that she is, I was able to take a copy editing test just recently and get hired as a legit copy editor!! I'm very excited. And very thankful for this job.

That's the scoop!


Kristin said...

Just thought of something funny when I saw that bracelet. I have a friend whose daughter has a nut allergy. When her son (who was under 2--before they knew whether or not he had the nut allergy as well) went into the hospital to get tubes put into his ears, they put a bracelet on him that said, "possible nut". They thought that was pretty funny. lol. Glad Dean is doing so well and congrats on your job! Kristin :)

Ali Foley Shenk said...