Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Newest Bookworm

Add another bookworm to the mix.

Yup, that's Professor Emmett (what we call him when he wears a turtleneck - haha) combing through a board book about animals. Emmett has just recently moved beyond seeing books as objects to be shredded and instead likes to flip the pages and examine the contents. It's the sweetest thing to watch him quietly sit on the floor and look through a book (even if it's upside-down). :) I always wonder what's going through his little baby brain as he "reads." :)

And yes, Emmett has something in his mouth. This is for some reason a common event while "reading." Big brother Cole decided to imitate and asked that I take a picture, too.

Sigh. :)

But our boys all love books, and there have been many a day where it's our main activity. This is music to my former-preschool-teacher's ears, and I don't mind reading book after book (unless it's the same book, in which case I buckle after about the third time).

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Matt said...

Cute!! Nathan's been in the "books-as-readable-not-just-shreddable" phase too lately, and we love it! Guess we'll have to teach him to put action figures in his mouth, though, if he's going to do it the right way. :)