Monday, March 26, 2012

Allergist Visit

Cole went back to the allergist today to be re-tested for his peanut allergy. While we were there, they wanted to test for some other allergic substances as well.

First was a nasal swab. Then a 35-point skin test. This was awful. I should have gotten a picture of it. Cole was crying and screaming for them to stop after just the second one. :( So I had to hold him down for the rest of it. I hated it. Finally, they did a blood test, the results of which we do not have just yet.

On the skin test, pretty much every outdoor substance - tons of trees, several grasses, dust, pollen, and mold - reacted positively. Bummer. The wheal for the peanut test was HUGE. Cole was so bummed when they told him that he was still allergic to peanuts. :( The shocker was that they tested him for tree nuts again and he's allergic to them!!! This was not the case at his last testing. I was so disappointed. At least I guess it's good that we haven't been avoiding tree nuts in vain, but still.

Obviously it's not my fault, but I felt guilty because I know these allergies are rampant on my side of the family. Bob has some outdoor allergies for sure, but those and the rest are from us. I hate that our kids are dealing with stuff that is getting passed down.

We're to come back in a year for re-testing. It's possibly that the bloodwork could come back and be negative for peanuts and tree nuts, but not likely considering the degree to which they reacted on the skin test. The doctor said that hopefully in a few years, they'll get the peanut flour challenge, which won't cure the allergy, but it can help protect the allergic person in the event of accidental exposure.

Cole was a total champion through all this. He got poked and probed so much and handled it well (there was screaming, but he calmed down easily).

While we were there, Dean's pulmonologist, Dr. Schmidt, took a look at him and we discussed the events of this past weekend. He agrees with Dr. Miller that it probably wasn't atypical pneumonia AGAIN, and it's likely that it was a combination of dehydration, asthma (boooo), and adrenal issues. Our course of action from both Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Miller is to ramp up the albuterol a little more, give Dean cortef (steroids for adrenal insufficiency) at the very first sign of illness, and hope that this helps keep things from going downhill so quickly, so much.

I love my boys!

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