Sunday, March 11, 2012

It Pays to Be Organized

That's actually one of my boards on Pinterest, and although this looks like a Pinterest-inspired project, it ACTUALLY came out of my own brain (you can pick your jaws up now).

I wanted a place where I could line up the boys' bags so that we could get ready more easily in the morning when they all have to be somewhere. And since everything ends up on the floor if it doesn't have a place off the floor to live, we were in need of something that could help. We took the door off the playroom/garage because it served only as a torture device among brothers (picture Dean closing the door on Emmett's fingers, or Cole closing the door and then Dean and Emmett couldn't get out) and just got in the way.

The wall behind it is a series of 12" x 12" painted linoleum squares. I know, "linoleum" and "cool" never go in the same sentence, but these are cool when painted because of the pattern on the tiles. I used the squares as a guideline for making a grid, then painted green around the gridlines. When it dried, I taped over the green with painter's tape, then painted the wall beige. Later, I took off the tape and touched up the transitions between beige and green. Then I put up some hooks, spray-painted a "C," "D," and "E," and there you have it! Insta-organization.

The paint

A peek of the paint from the family room

The finished result!
It looks kind of lonely on the end without a bag for Emmett, but I couldn't find it when it came time for pictures. Guess it'll take a little while to get on that "organization" part of the project....

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Anonymous said...

Ali, You never cease to amaze me with your talents. Way to go!!! You can have a career in design after you have raised your children. So many other talents that you excel in also. Katie