Saturday, March 31, 2012

Play Ball!

Today was Cole's first day of T-ball! And with that, my first of probably about 10,000 T-ball/baseball games. Haha. I am so excited for him. We want Cole to decide what HE is interested in, but I sure hope it's baseball. :)

Plus, how cute does he look in his uniform?

My heart melts.

The league is called i9 and we love their philosophy and approach with kiddos this young. Cole was a little nervous at first, but was much more ready to go out there and participate than on the first day of soccer last year. He got to field the ball a bit, hit a bit, and learn some of the rules of the game.

Here Cole is at bat!

On base:

My parents helped out with the kiddos and Cole was so happy they were there for the first day. Emmett was clapping for all the players and Dean grabbed his own helmet and bat and went to the plate to play. I was cracking up. Maybe we should have signed him up, too! Next year. :)

I have fond memories of going to my brother's baseball games as a kid. It was a great family activity. Yet another way that it feels like we are moving into a new chapter with our three little boys.

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Janet Gulley said...

Hooray for Cole! And next year go get 'em Deano!