Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We Hope

Last year, Dean and others with PWS took part in a study about BDNF (mentioned below with Drs. Han and Haqq), and the breakthroughs continue. As always, we are hopeful that this is part of the cure for PWS so that Dean and many others do not have to live with the uncontrollable hunger. Below is the post on FPWR's Facebook page about the study:

A new study provides insight into how decreased levels of a growth factor for neurons (BDNF) promotes obesity. BDNF was previously shown to be lower in typical obese people, and was reported by Drs. Han and Haqq in 2010 to be decreased in PWS. When BDNF is deleted in mice, they lose responsiveness to leptin and insulin, eat uncontrollably and become obese. Production of BDNF in the hypothalamus is essential to transmitting leptin's "stop eating" signal. Drugs targeting the BDNF pathway are in development and could potentially be relevant to PWS, although it remains to be fully determined if low BDNF is the primary driving force behind hyperphagia in PWS. http://medicalxpress.com/news/2012-03-reveal-gene-mutation-uncontrolled-obesity.html

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