Thursday, April 19, 2012

He's Registered!

Today was Kindergarten registration in our county and so Cole and I went together to what will be his elementary school to sign-up. Cole was so excited and already thought that he was going to Kindergarten now! It was a little difficult to explain that this is not going to happen until September. :)

We filled out a ton of paperwork and Cole was so excited he could hardly stay in his seat. Then they had one of the teachers come and do a screening with him. I'm not 100% positive of what they do with the results of the screening, but I know that it's used for placement in some regards, and also just to get an idea of what kids already know coming into Kindergarten. The teacher said that Cole did phenomenally and that his teacher prepared him well. Cole was so proud! He got a sticker and a pencil. Haha.

Since it was pretty much too late to bring him to school at that point, and also because I wanted to hang out with him, we had a mommy-Cole morning. We went to McDonald's and shared breakfast and then did some other errands and had fun time together. Cole said, "Mommy, I'm really happy to spend time with you." Yes, that's the sound of my heart melting. I realized how much I long for individual time with my kids, which is often hard to come by. I know I've talked about this before. I'm just really happy to have time today with the little guy who made me a mommy!

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