Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is This It?

As PWS parents, we're always wondering when the time comes that we'll need to lock up food and admit that our child's struggle with food is really happening. I'm wondering if we're there.

More recently, Dean has been taking whatever random food might be out - like if Emmett drops a Cheerio on the ground or leaves a half-eaten waffle at his chair - and he'll take it and eat it. Something like the waffle, which might take Dean a little longer to eat, he'll often go in the other room to hide and eat it in there. The hiding part puts a knot in my stomach. :( Unsupervised, Dean will eat Playdoh, chalk, things in the category of non-food and yet chewable.

If I see Dean with food that he's taken, I can ask him for it and he'll give it to me without a fuss. I don't know how we're going to keep everything out of reach while we still have a baby who eats ALL day long.

Is this it? I don't know. Last time we had Dean's bloodwork done in February, everything showed that he was still in phase 1b, or, not yet hyperphagic. Of course, things can change in a moment's notice, so we'll be watchful and hope this is not yet it.

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Kevin said...

Plan for the situation that this is the time, and perhaps you will be surprised when it is not. Easier said than done. EJ will soon take responsibility for giving you back food that he can't finish. The boys love each other and will step up. Expect little miracles.