Saturday, April 7, 2012


I thought this was so neat and wanted to spread the word. A challenge for many people, whether children or adults, is to incorporate enough physical activity into their day. For people with PWS, this challenge becomes an essential to maintain health and proper weight. Their metabolisms are so low that calories can only be restricted so much, and activity is needed.

With a family with 3 boys, I think our boys will get a good amount of activity. :) But I love what I'm hearing about the Xbox with Kinect (no, they are not paying me anything to write this!) and how it encourages kids to exercise without it feeling like work! Watch this video below of Dante, age 7 with PWS, as he goes for the gold in the hurdles!

And read HERE for an entry in Dante's dad's blog about how the Kinect is a powerful tool in the war on obesity.

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Stop the train - I want to get on!! said...

We have Kinect, LOVE IT. Worth every penny.