Sunday, April 15, 2012

Reining Them In

We have been outside a ton, especially this past week during Spring Break. The boys love it, and they're finding all sorts of things to do outside. Usually something involving sticks.

Or mowing the lawn, and sticks.

I love for them to explore, and it's easier in the backyard where they're surrounded on all sides by trees or fences. However, we usually play in the front yard, so it's helpful to have something to keep them from wandering out into the street... or balls that might roll into the street. So we got this:

A flexible cage driveway net. At first, I was thinking it was a huge mistake because the boys were drawn to it like a magnet. And of course, within a few minutes, Dean figured out that if you bring a ball or a Plasmacar over to the net, lift up the net, and roll it underneath, you've beaten the system. Thanks, Deano. But for the most part now, it's a helpful reminder to stay farther up the driveway and it does stop balls that roll that way.

We got the smaller size, which is 18 feet wide, and our driveway is probably half that. So I ended up having to wind a lot of the net around one pole and affix it with a binder clip. Super high-tech. But it does the trick. Installation was easy and all we have to do is remember to put it out when we're out and take it down when we come down the driveway... and both of those are not as much of a pain as I thought they might be. Overall, we're pleased!


Kevin said...

Ask any of my girls about sticks and the yard.

Kate said...

Funny article about the five best toys for kids. Hope you enjoy it.

Vanderbilt PWS Research said...

Your boys are so adorable! We're featuring them and the awesome article Kate suggested on our Facebook page today.

Check it out here:

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Yes, I've read that article and it's hilarious! And true! And thanks for featuring me on your Facebook page today!

Kevin said...

# 6 - Stones. My girls collected the colorful ones. Boys just seem to throw them, if you have all girls, like I did, go for stones, otherwise, let them discover for themselves.

And for the indoor types:

#7 - Cabinet Door
#8 - Toilet (you should clean it anyways)
#9 - Cat (1 small, declawed), excellent incentive to learn to crawl.
#10 - Hair Rollers
#11 - Spyder
#12 - Drink Coasters
#13 - Measuring Tape
#14 - Mixing Bowls
#15 - Plastic Mustard, Catsup containers.
#16 - Vise-Grips
(In summary, anything real)

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Great list, GUnK! I can envision it all. :)