Saturday, May 5, 2012

Don't Shed a Tear

When we first saw this house, one thing that sold us on it was the garage. It had been semi-finished with a vinyl floor and a few other kinds of trim, etc. We knew instantly that we'd use it as a playroom/laundry room and then maybe do something else with it down the line.

Problem about that is then we had no garage where we could store things. Never having owned a house before, I underestimated the amount of "things" that would need to be in said garage or storage space....

After accumulating two lawnmowers, a leaf blower, a generator, a trimmer, a ton of yard tools, extension cords, cans of paint, tarps, a ladder, and more, it was time for a shed.

For the smaller items like tools and such, we stored those in this "deck box," aka lame fabric-y thing that took up too much space in the garage/playroom.
The lawnmower and leaf blower were under a tarp in the backyard. Not too pretty. The generator was under another tarp on the porch. Many other items were also starting to take over the porch, to the point that we couldn't use it. No good. So I researched sheds thoroughly and we decided to jump on one on that got great reviews. We were initially anti-plastic-shed (I was afraid it would look like a giant port-a-potty), but we decided that the maintenance-free aspects of a solid resin shed might just be what we need.

So we cleared out a space at the end of the driveway where there was some old, GIANT maybe compost pile? If we're ever going to compost, this was not going to be it, so out it went. Here are some pictures, although it's hard to see with the huge fig tree in the way.
Then we leveled it out, tamped the heck out of it, and our handyman came and built the foundation (we didn't want to mess this part up!). Then, over two parts of a day, my dad and Bob built the shed! Looking good!
It's big. Bob started filling it up with the majority of our things and there's still PLENTY of room:
Hooray! We can breathe again.

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