Saturday, May 19, 2012

Five Reasons Your Child Should be Friends With Someone With Special Needs

I liked this article, especially this paragraph: "Helping a friend get their wheelchair up a ramp or get a book off the top shelf; learning sign language in order to communicate with a deaf buddy; slowing down to meet the purposeful gait of someone who’s struggling to otherwise keep up — these are all amazing opportunities for your child to experience compassion for another person, a trait that will come in handy when he or she takes the reins from you and forges a new path in life, filled with fairness for all." My underlying feeling is that people mean well, that they want to help people with special needs. I think a lot of people just aren't sure how to do it. I sure as heck had no clue before having Dean. Sometimes I'm still not sure. But it means so much when children at the playground don't just shove Dean out of the way or yell at him because he is taking a long time to go up some steps. You can tell that some kids are just naturally more sensitive to people going at their own pace, and you can tell that some kids have been taught about doing this, too. We have been so blessed by a LOT of people who love Dean and who are willing to meet him where he is. I'm so grateful for this. My prayer is that Cole and Emmett in particular will be compassionate for meeting Dean where he is, and I think they already are. Especially since Cole was so young when Dean was born, he really doesn't remember life without him. Emmett *doesn't* know life without Dean. It's neat. :)

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