Friday, May 18, 2012

The Little Man

Emmett Jack

Age: 15 months

Age He Thinks He Is: 3 years

Height: 10th percentile

Weight: 10th percentile

Number Of Dimples: 3. Two on cheeks and one below his eye. :)

Hair: blondish? Crazy that it used to be black!

Favorite Time to Eat: constantly

Favorite Foods: yogurt, more yogurt, Goldfish crackers (can you blame him?), cereal, "behwees" (anything in the berry category), more yogurt

Favorite Toys: plasmacar, shopping cart, any other random objects that he can destroy/pull apart

First Thing He Says Upon Seeing the Computer: yell, "PAPA! PAPA!" (we Skype often with my parents)

Favorite TV Show (yes, he watches some TV, sue me): Fresh Beat Band

Favorite Book: anything with animals, especially cats and dogs

Shoe That Always Falls Off: left

Favorite Thing To Take From His Brothers: their toothbrushes

Favorite Dance Move: the shoulder raise

Favorite Thing To Do With Mommy: snuggle :)


Gina B said...

Aww, this is sweet. I'm stealing it. ;)

Trisha said...

Errr, pretty sure he was 8 months just the other day. 10th percentile = small but mighty.