Sunday, May 27, 2012

Party Time!

We had a great belated birthday party for Dean yesterday. Since the shed was up, we had room on the screened-in porch to set up and have a great time outside in the roasting sun. :) We got a Diego bounce house and the kids (of all ages :)) had a great time!
This one is my brother slam-dunking in the hoop inside the bounce house. Haha.
A great time to celebrate Mr. Dean. I gave up on doing something healthy this year for the cake, and so I just made a regular carrot cake. I told myself that we were going to try to keep Dean's cakes PWS-friendly, but really, he won't even eat the cake that's there! So it's more of a concern for our other guests who have PWS or anyone else who's interested in not ingesting a ton of calories. :) We're learning the balance that works for us and our friends as we go along. Today, we had a great time at the Richmond Flying Squirrels (minor league baseball) game. Cole got a ball from the game, the boys got a FS cape (you know, since the squirrel flies), and Dean hugged everything in a costume in the ballpark. Haha. It was HOT at the game. Our seats were second row next to first base and we did end up getting some shade in the 4th inning. The boys did really well considering. Dean is handling the heat SO much better than he did in previous years. I am thankful for that. Every once in a while, PWS actually gives us a (little) break. Some pics:
We love minor league ball because it's laid-back, way cheaper, and family-friendly! Would definitely recommend it for the kiddos.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry we had to leave early but knew this would happen if we went to Dean's party. We did not want to miss it. Thanks for pics. Grandma