Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Mostly, these are some updates on Dean, as things are always changing and we're trying to find the best mix for him and for our family. Hippotherapy We continue to go, although only every other week now because we're paying out-of-pocket for one of Dean's speech therapists. It adds up! We are so grateful that this therapy is fun for him and not perceived to be work as much for Dean. That said, he started trotting last time and that was a lot of work for him!! It made me think about how with low muscle tone, MANY things are fatiguing for Dean, more so than for others, because he has to use sheer strength to overcome what his body naturally won't/can't do.
A big benefit is getting to see some friends while we're there. :)
iPad We've not yet delved into all the possibilities for helping with communication, but it's been great to see what Dan understands just in his regular use of the iPad. And it's amazing how quickly kids pick up on touching the screen, how to swipe to the next image, things like that. Here is Dean using an Elmo ABC's app that we have (and love). I need to look more into which communication apps we are going to use.
Da Bruddahs Cole and Dean are BFFs, as always. It is continually amazing to me that Cole doesn't ask why Dean has trouble talking, or why Dean goes to so many therapies, or why he goes to the doctor a lot, needs the nebulizer or oxygen from time to time... he just loves his brother. They like to dress up as superheroes and run around the house. Or wrestle on the couch (yes, Mom and Dad, I'm watching them :)).
Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Programming For some intense cuteness. Emmett cracks me up. He fits right in with his brothers, mainly because he thinks he's their age, and yet he is just a different, unique little guy. He's even physically built differently. But he's such a ridiculously cute little man. Love my buddy Emmetty.
Supplements If you think supplements are crap, don't keep reading. If you believe that certain disorders like PWS involve metabolic components and supplementing those can help, continue. :)
We started on this new Vitamin B-12 (methylcobalamin form) and I really think it's helping Dean. He's verbalizing a lot more and seems to be making more connections with speech. He went from having most things sound like "eh" to adding "Elmo," "cold," "bye-bye," "blah blah blah" (thank you, Cole), and a few other words to his repertoire. Coincidence? Of course this is the question we always ask. But sure didn't seem so. That's the scoop! I leave you with yet another plea to vote for the PWS video on the ChallengePost website!! You can vote every day until May 11. We're in a tight race for first place!

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