Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bathroom Redo!

This project has evolved over the time that we've been in Richmond. It is our main bathroom in the hallway, so it gets lots of traffic. It just needs to look decent if I'm going to be staring at it all the time. You'll recall that I tried to improve the look of the floor with grout sealer, but that only lasted so long. We added a towel bar, a new toilet paper holder, ripped out the mirror and put in a new framed one, changed the lighting, painted the walls, added some shelves, and got a new vanity, trim, and flooring. So pleased with the results.

Here are some before pictures:

And some after pictures:

And y'all, the floor is vinyl. V-I-N-Y-L. They make peel-and-stick vinyl tiles that look pretty darn real and you can grout them and everything. I mean, if you really stop and look at them, you can tell it's not real stone, but otherwise, it looks great. Such a fan, and SO affordable.

I also realized that I forgot to take a picture of the lighting over the mirror, which is just as well anyway because I still need to paint a smidge behind the lights. :) Here's what we used, though:

Because we did a lot of the little things ourselves, and because our contractor, Glen Anderson, is awesome and did the vanity, floor, and trim at a reasonable cost, it was way more affordable than I would have thought it was! It's so wonderful to go in there now and enjoy the bathroom and know that things are clean and new instead of the nasty old floor and vanity from before. Very pleased!


Candice said...

It looks great!!

Kevin said...

I know that this will sound silly, but think about mounting the lights upside-down. The light reflecting off the ceiling makes it much more uniform and less harsh. AND It lets the heat out from the bulbs or florescent screw-ins don't look strange.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

You know, I thought about it, and that was when we were painting. The lights were on and I was BOILING. And I agree that it would look better for when we put CFLs in there (we still have a bunch of incandescents left).