Friday, June 8, 2012

Caught Up

In talking with Dean's PT from school, we started reviewing the various gross motor skills that a just-turned-3-year-old can do. She said that she feels Dean has basically caught up with his peers. He can:

-walk forward/backwards/sideways


-throw a ball

-*almost* catch a ball

-kick a ball

-swing a bat

-climb ladders

-jump (a little :))

-use a ride-on toy (he's fast!!)

-go up and down stairs

-is learning to ride a trike

Does he run as fast as other kids do? Nope. Is he less clumsy than most other kids? Absolutely not. But HE CAN DO IT. If you saw this little boy as a baby, the baby that doctors at first said was so bad off that they didn't know if he'd ever emerge from the coma-like state he was in... you get it. You understand what a miracle this is. :)

It also touched upon something Bob and I had been thinking about, the possibility of discontinuing PT. We're not doing anything just yet, but thinking ahead to next year when Dean will be at school 5 mornings a week, and then trying to fit in 3x/week for speech therapy, 1x/week for OT, hippotherapy 2x/month, and a sufficient number of hours just to be a KID, PT might have to go by the wayside. Dean could absolutely stand to get stronger, more coordinated, etc., but those things will happen as we go outside, he runs and wrestles with his brothers, we go to the playground, and so on. It's crazy even to contemplate dropping a therapy at age 3 because I didn't think that would happen for anything for a long time. And even if we do drop it, it might only be for a season. It's a nice situation even to be able to contemplate. :) So proud of our Deano!

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