Sunday, June 10, 2012

Important Note for Families with Kids on the GH Brand Omnitrope

Dr. Miller, PWS endocrinologist, has noticed the following and wants the message to get out to other families whose children are on the GH brand Omnitrope (PWS or not):

"I have had to take several children off Omnitrope because they are not growing and are gaining body fat while on it. I am not sure why some children are experiencing these results because the parents are definitely giving the GH, but there are definitely some who are just not responding at all to Omnitrope. I have seen this in probably 6 kids with PWS and in 2 other children who do not have PWS. Just as an example of what has happened in a child who does not have PWS: a 9 year old girl who had panhypopituitarism from a brain tumor grew less than 2 cm/yr on Omnitrope (and gained about 20 pounds in 1 yr, which was highly unexpected and unusual for her) and when I changed her back to Saizen (which she had previously been on) she had 6.2 cm/yr her first year back on Saizen. This is exactly what I have seen in the non-responding kids with PWS - no growth and increased weight gain on Omnitrope, much improved growth on other types of GH. Any kind of GH seems to be better for those who do not respond to Omnitrope. It is definitely not everyone who doesn't respond, so I have been telling parents that if their child is doing well on Omnitrope then I wouldn't change, but if they are not growing and thyroid function is normal (hypothyroidism must be ruled out before deciding if the Omnitrope is not working) then I would ask the endocrinologist to talk with the insurance company about trying a different GH for 6 months to see if the child grows better on another type of GH. Every child is an individual so each family will need to look at their child's individual data to determine if this issue is affecting their child or not."

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