Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Social Life is Forever Changed (a.k.a., I Got an iPhone)

A week ago, we finally bit the bullet and got new phones. Mind you, the phones we were coming from called people, took pictures, and sent/received texts (but only from one person at a time). That was it. Clearly not a problem on a global scale, but it was nice to think about changing it up.

So we decided to join the world of smartphones and got iPhones. We have an iPad and a MacBook already, so we might as well sell the rest of our souls to Apple. Can I say, I am in love? Bob and I have been geeking out on all the features and are doing things with it just because we can. Perhaps my favorite feature, though, is that it's so easy and convenient to take pictures everywhere we go. I know, this is not a newsflash to the rest of you, but I'm very much enjoying it. Here are some pictures from our activities this past week:

And, from today, Emmett's first big-boy timeout (all of 10 seconds). He wanted to wear shoes and it was time for bed, so I told him we weren't putting shoes on. He then threw his shoe at me. Sad, but cute.

I'm loving documenting all these little moments! Glad to join the rest of you. :)

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