Friday, June 15, 2012

Swimming Through Fears

Thanks to a local Groupon, we were introduced to the Aqua-Tots (Morgan Swim School) here in Richmond. We'd heard good things. And by "good," I mean that we heard that they were calm, yet firm. This is exactly what Cole needs for swimming lessons; his anxiety can get the best of him in certain situations, and someone who can guide him through that is crucial.

Having dealt with/dealing with anxiety ourselves, Bob and I realize how important it is that we lead our kids through their anxious moments in ways that empower them. We remind them of God's protection over them, of what is real and what is not, of who they are and who they are not. But it gets tricky, too, because we are obviously emotionally connected to our kids in ways that muddle the distinction between what is helpful and what is not. I'm grateful for outside teachers in areas, like swimming, who can help us with this.

So we signed him up last week, and Cole was thrilled to pick out his goggles. As you can see in the pictures, he wore them beyond the pool juuuuust a bit. :) I'm proud of Cole. He was so scared about figuring out how to hold his breath underwater, but he kept going back in the pool to try again (also because they basically made him not quit :)). He would look back at me and I could tell he would want to quit, but he got through and still was able to say at the end that he had fun. In two lessons, he can now float on his back and put his face in the water, as well as "swim" a bit to the wall.

But really, it's less about skills (although those are important, too) and more about learning to face your fears. In watching him, I am reminded of how life-giving it is to trust the One who is for us and who is bigger than all our fears. Go, Coley, go!

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