Thursday, July 26, 2012

Emmett the Cat Whisperer

The boys love animals, and with all the allergies in this family, we are grateful that at least our neighbors on both sides have about 7 pets between them. In particular, Emmett is in love with cats. Maybe he'll grow up to be a crazy cat guy. Ok, probably not, but he does adore "kee-kas."

We're working on technique. Emmett originally would sit on cats that he liked. Haha. Sitting turned into a hug-by-the-way-of-full-Nelson. Now he's *pretty good* at petting and being more gentle.

One of Dean's SLPs is private pay and works out of her house. Sometimes while she is working with Dean, Emmett and I wait in her living room because it's too distracting to be in her therapy room with Dean. She has two cats and Emmett is in heaven. Here's a short clip:

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