Friday, July 27, 2012

Emmett's Room

We have three bedrooms in our house, which is one fewer than would be ideal, but really, it's not a hardship. Cole and Dean share what is technically the master bedroom, which works well because they have their own bathroom (and therefore no excuse to come out of their bedroom at night :)). The room is too big for Bob and I and so it's great that they're in there with room to spare. EVENTUALLY, the plan is to move Emmett in there as well so they're all in their little boy cave. We'll see.

Meanwhile, Emmett is in the third bedroom, which we really haven't done much to. There's his crib, a few pieces of art, and a dresser. Oh yeah, and a bunch of random stuff that's overflow from other rooms. Poor kid is deserving of a room that's more than storage. So one at a time, we're piecing items together for his room.

Today, I bought and put together this light for Emmett's room (which will eventually be a guest room). My thinking was that it needed to fit in a narrow space and I wanted it to cover this random outlet that's in the middle of the wall about 6 feet off the ground. This one was perfect. Then again, I wasn't thinking about it like an almost-5-year-old boy. Cole looked at the box and said, "oh COOL, then we can climb it!!!" Umm, don't think so, buddy. We'll see how long this lamp survives....


Janet Gulley said...

I can say Emmett's room is quite cozy though!

Ali Foley Shenk said...