Monday, July 23, 2012

Potty Time, Take 2

I guess, sort of, maybe, we're officially potty training Dean. Sigh. The reluctance I have about this is only because I *know* that we were spoiled with potty training Cole. He was not even 2.5, and one day on a total whim, I decided to put him in underwear and see what happened. He had two accidents that day, two the next, and then that was it. Boom, instant potty training. Wow.

Cole was not our only child at the time, but Dean was so little and portable and so it was fairly easy to bring him into the bathroom and play with him while I was attending to Cole.

Fast-forward to now and I have *three* kids, all very active, all with their own agendas (i.e., cloning myself in triplicate would be helpful right about now). Cole is (understandably) wanting to play while I'm entertaining Dean on the potty and trying to keep Emmett from sticking his hand *in* said potty. Le yick.

I'm relying heavily on a cheesy to the point of being scary cute little DVD called, "Potty Power" to help me out on the sidelines. You'd think it was Christmas morning when I turn that video on.

And also, because there's an app for everything, I downloaded "Potty Time with Elmo" on my iPhone. That little red furry guy never ceases to amaze my kids, but the app isn't doing a whole lot for me just yet.

As usual, a big motivator for Dean is the iPad. He's a pro with that thing and loves to use it, so we give it to him to encourage him to stay on the potty.

I'm trying to keep my expectations low - not low in the sense of it never happening, but just in a relaxed way so as not to stress myself out. To be clear, that has already NOT worked several times today. But I can pretend. I read a while ago that there are several services for which you can pay someone to do them for your child; one of these included potty training. Dear Potty Training Fairy, I don't know where you are, but man, if you can deliver, I might be willing to sell a kidney to have you get 'er done over here.

And for the record, Dean peed on the potty twice today. We'll take it. Wish us luck.


Candice said...

I think potty training is one of the most dreaded things for any parent. Throw in special needs and oi vey! Surprisingly, Graham was pretty easy to train. That said, he still has accidents. They especially occur when I am paying a lot of attention to Macy, so I'm not so sure they are accidents!

Here is the link to the post I did on training Graham (already read it then, but a reminder never hurts):

Good luck!!!

Dorette said...

Good luck! Potty training round 1 was anything but smooth (we've basically potty trained for 18 months straight :-( with a suprise kidney operation thrown in for good meassure), so I was dreading round 2.

But it went exceptionally well! Less than a week I think the combo of low parental expectations and lots of praise from big brother was a winner :-)

Praying for a similiar experience for the Shenk household!