Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mid-Summer Reflection

Summer has been great. I was dreading it a bit because the boys would be out of school (well, not Emmett) and would be out of their routine, but it's been great. We have had the freedom to do what we want to do (reasonably) when we want to do it. Dean's therapies have been the mainstay of our scheduled summer routine. However, last week, Cole started a summer Pre-K to Kindergarten prep program for 5 weeks. It's four hours instead of the 3 hours he was used to in Pre-K, and it's 4 days a week instead of 5. The change in schedule was a little abrupt, but I still got a smiling picture for the first day:

Cole told me today that he wasn't looking forward to going back tomorrow because it's "so many hours until I get to come back home." I think he's feeling even the 1-hour difference in time. I'm hoping this is not a predictor of how the 6.5-hour day of Kindergarten will feel in the fall. I'm anticipating an adjustment period no matter what. Or maybe it's just me still wanting to homeschool him and have him around more than not.

My favorite part of summer is having all 3 boys home for the majority of every day. They, for the most part, play well together, but obviously not without some fighting over toys or personal space. :) But they're good friends so far, and that means the world to me. Bob and I pray that this will continue.

Time at the pool never gets old, being out in the yard playing with sticks, going to museums or parks... even going to the grocery store with them is a fun adventure (yes, I actually enjoy it!). Can this summer never end?

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