Sunday, August 26, 2012

... And We're Back!!

We are back after a nine-day trip to my parents' house (to fly out of Dulles more easily), to California, back to my parents' house, and then home. Feels like we've been gone for a long time.

Before having kids, going to California to visit Bob's family and our friends was RELAXING. Then over the past five years, it's still been enjoyable to visit, but with all the baby logistics, it's been exhausting, too.

This time, with our youngest being 1.5, the trip was great. Adventures all throughout the week, the boys could tell this was something different and exciting, tons of good quality time with family, and Bob and I had a fun AND relaxing time. Wonderful.

The key to flying successfully with the boys was a serious amount of planning. Snacks, books, and electronics were strategically placed and planned in all our belongings. I am totally not above using electronics to keep 3 small boys happy on a 5-hour flight...

(and the way back)

Emmett decided to sleep a bit...

We survived. Snacks and/or gum for take-off and landing were crucial. Patience from those around us was a plus. But really, the boys did well, and it was nice having the others on the flight around us tell us so! Phew.

While in California, we had a small birthday party for Cole, complete with splashing. The kids, of all ages, had fun. Guess who the man in costume is? Sorry ladies, he's taken. :)

We visited an all-access playground that the boys loved! Also got into a conversation with someone at the park who was wondering (aloud) what the purpose of the big chair swings was because they didn't seem to fit the pirate ship theme with the rest of the playground. I explained that the swings were for people like Dean, whose muscle tone is low enough that sitting in a regular swing is not an option without a lot of assistance and/or supervision. We were saying that they should put up signs to explain why the structures (ramps, chair swings, and the like) are the way they are. Alas, still fun. :)

We played miniature golf for the first time with the boys. Expectations were low, and they had fun. haha.

We took a nature walk on a trail near Bob's parents' house and the boys did great! Lots of exercise...

Other activities included get-togethers with some friends, a ride on a golf course in the golf carts (the boys were so excited, it might as well have been a rollercoaster!), a trip to the local kids' museum, movies almost every night, and lots and lots of swimming! Bob's brother and his wife were in town for the whole week, which was a wonderful treat because they have been on a sabbatical since March. We missed them! So great for the boys to be making memories while they are getting big enough to remember them.

I knew I would, but I really missed the blog. I told myself it was good to take some time away, even though I did some work while we were there, and I'm glad I did. It reminded me of how much I love it! Hope the end of your summer is going well!

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I'm impressed that you already posted trip pics!!