Friday, August 31, 2012

CDE's Next Chapter

Hi. I'm sitting down after what feels like going nonstop for 2 weeks. Ok, I'm not sitting down, I have my head on two pillows and I'm flopped down on the ground typing on my MacBook.

After coming back from the Fresh Beat Band concert on Wednesday, I've been trying to catch up on things that we still didn't get a chance to do since we left for California. I got Cole's school supplies ready, Dean's supplies ready, went shopping for other odds and ends, and filled out a crazy amount of paperwork.

Last night, we had Cole's Kindergarten orientation. Even though we've already been through preschool orientations, this was the real deal. Processing all the information was a bit overwhelming, but I'm thankful for knowing what it's like to be a teacher and for knowing that Cole seems to be in great hands with this teacher and his school.

But it was so weird thinking about Cole being in Kindergarten! They took the kids out separately right in the beginning, and as Bob mentioned, he felt like we were sending them off to college. The machinery of school has started!

Then today we went to visit Dean's center-based classroom. SO great. I love his teacher and when I handed her some info about PWS from the health services plan, she was excited to read more and told me she'd been doing research on PWS on her own! Again, such a change from last year. The classroom was big and there were many activities, including a sensory corner with a hanging swing, roller-coaster car ride, and a ball pit. DEAN WILL BE ON CLOUD 9. Haha. After visiting today, Cole has decided that Dean has the cooler, "funner" classroom than he does! Tuesday is the big day when I'll send both boys to school!

Which brings me to Mr. Emmett. If I'm going to be sad about Cole and Dean being gone for most of the day, the upside is that Emmett and I will get to spend a lot of time together! We're going to take a Mommy and Me swim class through Aqua-Tots, which is the same place Cole has been taking lessons this summer. I'm looking forward to going to all the usual places we go with Emmett alone so I can get to know him even better. Very exciting. :)

Also, I haven't mentioned it much, but even at 19 months, Emmett has not been sleeping through the night. He's gone through phases of a few days where he does it, but nothing consistent. I kept telling Bob that I thought Emmett was lonely being in a bedroom all by himself, but Bob thought I was just projecting my extroversion onto Emmett. haha. Well, turns out I was right. While we were in California, we decided to try putting all three boys in the same bedroom. Emmett slept through the night for most of the week we were there, only waking a few times. I would just remind him that his brothers were right there in the room with him, and he would go back to sleep. That settled it. We came home and Bob moved E's crib into the master with Cole and Dean. Cole and Dean are so happy to have Emmett in there, and Emmett is sleeping much better (yes, I just jinxed it). Here's a really awful picture that I snapped tonight while they were slumbering away:

Guess he wanted to be with his brothers after all. :) A new chapter for all three boys....

About 15 minutes after I wrote this, guess who woke up? Told you I jinxed it. ;)

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