Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fresh Beat Band Live!

As I've mentioned before, the boys love the Fresh Beat Band, so my parents and I went in on tickets to their concert when it came today to northern Virginia (Bob was at work after taking a bunch of days off for our California trip).

I know FBB is a preschool band, but man was I excited. I do like the music and the dancing, but I knew that CDE would be pumped to see them live. These were the expressions:

Mesmerized. Like, mesmerized as to be almost motionless. It's like their little brains that are so used to see FBB on TV just couldn't process the fact that they were right there in front of their faces. It was so cute.

The show was great. Familiar songs, lots of upbeat dancing and energy. It was difficult to hear them when they were speaking between songs, but otherwise it was great. At one point, Shout came around the sides of the concert hall and patted Cole and Emmett on the head. Cole was thrilled. :) Kids and grown-ups alike were dancing and it really seemed like everyone was having a great time!

The concert was totally worth it and I'd go again with the boys after some time has passed. I love experiences like this where they can get excited leading up to something and it lives up to the hype. As the Fresh Beat Band would say, what a great day. :)


Dayna Camp said...

That's so cute! I love how you described them as being mesmerized! It makes me smile and think back to the days when mine were that young and mesmerized. We use to make paper chains to help us count the days to an exciting event like grandma and granddad coming. God bless! Dayna

Ali Foley Shenk said...

We did a paper chain with the boys this past year for Christmas! It was so much fun. Dean and Emmett were a little too young to get it, but I think Cole did. We should do that more often!
Ali :)