Sunday, August 5, 2012

Therapy Change-Up

Something that drives a lot of our weekday activities is Dean's therapy schedule. Currently, he gets an hour of PT, 2 hours of speech, 1 hour of OT every other week, and 30 minutes of hippotherapy every other week. It's a lot. There could be more, but that's about all that we can cram in right now. And we have to be fair to Dean and balance the line between pushing him (these therapies, unfortunately, are not really optional) and letting him have the rest that he deserves. After all, he's 3, and everything he does requires extra effort, let alone the tasks that are asked of him in therapy.

Hippotherapy continues to be one of my favorites because Dean doesn't perceive it to be work in the same way as with the other therapies. He's just so happy to be on his horse:

A bonus is that it's an enjoyable outing for the whole family. The boys love to look at all the animals at the barn. Here's a pic of our littlest cutie and Bobby:

Dean was seeing another SLP, but for a few reasons, we have decided to stick with the SLP he sees through Children's Hospital instead. So that was an additional 30 minutes weekly that we cut down. Dean will be receiving speech and more OT through school in a few weeks, so we're excited about that extra therapy that will be in his day. His fine motor skills are pretty poor, but speech is the biggest focus for us right now. What this means come school time is that we might drop PT. Not because Dean doesn't *need* to get stronger - he certainly does - but because school is going to wear him out and something has to give with all the speech he is getting. He loves his SLP, he loves his OT, and we want him to meet these experiences with happiness, because it will encourage him to believe in himself and do the best he can do... which is all we'd ask for any of our kids.

I find these decisions sometimes to be exhausting, and almost always to be guilt-ridden. We know that Dean desperately needs all these therapies, but we know *more* that we are human, he is human, and that is equally important. As I used to say to a colleague when I was a teacher, "you do all that you can, and that's all you can do."

Easier said than done. :)

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Janet Gulley said...

Love seeing Dean on the horse. He is riding like such a big kid, but looks so little on the horse...