Friday, August 17, 2012

We Have a 5-Year-Old in the House!

Cole is 5! It feels like this has been coming for a long time. And yet, I look at him and wonder how such a little baby already is off to Kindergarten in a few weeks.

Qualities we love about Cole:

*how much he knows about animals

*how curious he is

*how articulate he is - his ways of describing things cracks me up

*his freckles! They're multiplying!

*his handsome red ("Mom, it's not red, it's ORANGE!") hair that close-up is a mix of blond, red, and brown

*his energy

*his intensity (this is a quality that hopefully will get better with age :))

*how much he loves his family

*he has an opinion about everything (yes, this can be difficult in some situations, but it's mostly a good thing to know what you're passionate about!)

*he gets really excited about his friends and knows who is a good friend to him

*he has this one giggle that sounds like a hyena when he gets really excited. I can't help but laugh myself, it's so cute!

*his light-blue eyes

*how good he is at impersonating people

*his love for stories, written or told

*how much he loves his brothers

*how he is a little man of routine, just like his daddy :)

*how strong he is We love you, Coley bucket! My heart is full just thinking about the day you made me a momma. The best is yet to come.

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Candice said...

He is so cute!! Happy birthday Cole!!