Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bedtime Shenanigans

When you're out and about with three kids, you get a lot of "you sure have your hands full" and other such sayings. Sometimes you'd think no one ever had three kids before! Anyway, a question I get a lot is about what bedtime is like. Our bedtime routine is pretty normal, it just takes a while because a large part of it is medication administration. Haha. No, really. Here is the chart we use on a daily basis to keep everything straight. I mean, I could do it without looking, but it just feels better to double-check.

The boys watch a show on TV while Dean gets his breathing treatment. It's the only way he'll keep the mask on and I guess it helps everyone wind down. Then they wind down for bed. Here's a video:

Ok, sometimes the boys don't get the whole you-should-calm-down-before-bed memo, and it gets a little rowdy around here. This happens especially after bath time, and my theory is that their energy levels are inversely proportional to the amount of clothing worn. Being half-naked seems to bring out the Tarzan in them. They're only little once...

Then before bed, everyone gets a horse tranquilizer and off to sleep they go. NOoooo.... Actually, it's pretty amazing, we put them to bed and they usually are out within minutes (you know that since I wrote this, they're going to be up for two hours tonight....).

So there you have it. It's busy, but the usual bath (every other night usually), PJs, TV/nebs/meds, brush teeth, book, pray, bed sort of routine.

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Candice said... know how people say LOL? Well, I actually did LOL. :) Emmett is such a character!! They all are!