Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School!

We survived! For the record, there was no doubt that the boys would, I was more concerned about me. :) Getting ready this morning would have been more chaotic if it weren't for Bob taking the day off to break us into the new routine. Plus, I wanted each boy to have his own relaxed drop-off and feel comfortable with his new school. So, it was helpful to have his help today. We took the obligatory (yet cute) pictures:

They were both very excited. I dropped off Dean and Bob dropped off Cole (with Emmett in tow). No problems separating, although I think since I went to "school" with Dean last year (it was a parent/child program), he was confused when I left... he waved to his teacher and started following me out the door! But he was fine when I left and his teacher said he had a great day. The only thing that really bums me out about this is that I wish Dean could tell me himself what he did that day. :( I asked him if he had fun and he said "yes," but that's all I can get.

Cole also left easily and had a great day. He was clearly tired, which I expected (they both were), but he said that he had fun and told us all about the day. :)

I managed to hold it together until I rounded the turn into our neighborhood and then I was that lady in the car crying and people probably thought I was crazy. Oh well. Then Bob got back from dropping off Cole, I got my crying out, and went through the day. I gave myself permission today to just let it be a whatever day, and then we'll fall into our new normal in no time.

Emmett seemed to march along as usual this morning, with breaks of "Nean??? Dole???" and then some cute baby gibberish that I didn't understand. It was like he kept asking where they were. But soon enough, he was reveling in the 2-on-1 attention he got from having Bob and I both home with him. It was a nice day to take things down a few notches and enjoy time with him. It almost felt fake, like we were just pretending the boys were going to school. My friend Alanna came over with her daughter (her son was also in K for the first time today) and it was so nice to chat and process how weird it was that our boys were out and about.

So we made it! Proud of my boys and hoping that this new chapter is just better and better. :)

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