Saturday, September 15, 2012

Me and E

Now that we've finished the second week of Cole and Dean being in school, I feel like we're in a little bit more of a groove. I still miss them when they're away, but I'm getting more used to it. The rhythm of the day is totally different, but I'm trying to break it in before I come back to the more familiar rhythm of the weekends.

I'm loving the time I have just with Emmett. It's much more relaxing and I wonder WHY in the world I was so stressed out when it was just Cole (maybe because we were working and going to grad school at the same time? Nah...). I love doing whatever we want with our day, not having to worry about certain schedules (like Dean's eating times) and being able to focus on just one kid at a time. Yesterday, I even did some serious reorganizing of the boys' clothes (which mostly consisted of moving too-small shirts from Cole/Dean's drawers into Emmett's drawers!). I was able to do that while Emmett was there with me putting shirts in piles or just playing with a truck or train by my side. It was sweet.

We go for a walk every day.

We went to the zoo.

We go to the Children's Museum:

We watch a little TV and I crack up watching Emmett dance:

Emmett is much more of an independent toddler than Cole was (who is my only point of comparison since by the time Dean came around, I had him and Cole all the time at home). Cole wanted me to play with him all the time, while Emmett seems to be more content doing his own thing. *At times*, the time with Emmett is so relaxing that I almost feel guilty. I know, what? Guilty? I'm used to being so busy, and as much as people tell me to slow down and enjoy the moment, I DO enjoy the moment... when I'm mostly busy. :) I *like* being busy. So I'm taking the time to take deep breaths and TRY to slow down, as difficult as it is. It won't ever be my norm, but it is a welcome change. Either way, I love my time with E!

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