Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sleep Study Number Niiiinnne... Sleep Study Number Niiine...

In case you didn't catch the drift, the post title was to the tune of "Love Potion #9." Dad, if you're reading this, I expect that at least you got it.

Last night, Dean had his sleep study to get fitted for the BiPAP. Bob went, as he is better at calming down Dean when he gets upset (i.e., I just start crying if I can't get him to calm down... Mama's heart can only take so much). That, and Bob can sleep through the techs coming in and out of the room better than I can.

Bob said the tech spent a long time getting Dean acquainted with the mask. They played with it, talked about it being like an elephant trunk, put it on for fun, got Bob to put on one, too...

Bob said the tech even turned on the machine while it was on his face to get an idea of what Dean feels. Bob said it was indeed a very odd sensation and he could see it taking time to get used to.

So apparently the tech tried to put the mask on while Dean was awake, and that was a no-go. He wouldn't have it. So they decided to wait until Dean was in deeper sleep and then go from there. Bob said it was a very gradual process of putting it against Dean's face, then putting on the straps, etc. They had to rig up a special strap because Dean's head is so big (no clue where he gets that from :)). And soon enough, Dean was out like a light.

I know what these machines look like and I know they're weird and look weird on adults. Never seen one on a kid. The picture shocked me a little bit, but hey, Dean is keeping it on! The tech said that she got enough data for the night and so now it's just a matter of getting it back to the doc and making sure that it worked (at stopping the apnea episodes). Then we'll get the BiPAP at home and hopefully have a decent transition to getting this on Dean every night. I know that as long as it becomes part of his routine, we'll be good. Proud of my Deano, proud of Bob for being the best dad my kids could have, and happy that sleep study #9 is over. :)


Jack said...

That Deano is a real trooper!

And, yes, I was running that song through my head as soon as I read just the title, before I started reading the post.

Random: The wallpaper on your blog looks just like the hallway wallpaper at my parents house in Pleasantville, NY.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Are you saying my blog looks dated? haha.