Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dropping In

This past week/weekend, Bob's parents came to visit while in between two East-coast weddings (they live in California). It was great having them here along with the usual increases in wrestling matches and other fun adventures. Cole was happy to show off his swimming skills, which have improved greatly through the instruction at Aqua-Tots. The school is a little pricey but TOTALLY worth it! I am excited that Cole and Emmett are both taking lessons to get them through the colder seasons. Swimming is one of the few things that Cole does NOT complain about, so it means we've struck a real chord with him. :) It's so refreshing to find something that he really likes! Ok, enough of that, here's Cole with his Pops waiting for his lesson to start:
Another fun surprise was to meet the boys at school for lunch! I didn't even know this was a possibility until it was mentioned at orientation for both Cole's and Dean's schools. On Thursday, we had lunch with Cole:
And on Friday, we had lunch with Dean. Unfortunately, I have no picture of this. Both boys were so proud to sit with us and it was really special getting to see them in their new environment. It reminded me of going to see a friend in their new house or apartment so you can get a first-hand idea of what their lives are like there. They can tell you, and you can even see pictures, but then you really get to experience their lives when you are there. Seeing Cole and Dean in their respective environments was a refreshing change of perspective, and I feel confident that they are both in good hands. This will be an event that we will definitely do again, but not too often so as to encroach upon this special place they have in school. :) Dropping in as a fly on the wall and then getting to eat and breathe with their classmates and teachers was really special. What about you? Have you seen your child in action at school through something other than a formal, scheduled event? Do you have a friend or family member whom you've gotten to know better by seeing him/her in a relevant environment?

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