Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween turned out a lot better than last year's (don't forget to check out the pictures!. Haha! The boys had a good time picking out their costumes and actually enjoyed wearing them! Imagine that!

It was also the first time they were really able to participate, since last year it was all stormy and gross out, so we went to about two houses and called it a night. We met up with some friends in the neighborhood and the boys enjoyed going with the pack and visiting various houses. Dean had a hard time keeping up, but he was perfectly content to go to every third house or so. He was just so excited to be out and with his friends. :) Emmett was a good sport, but mostly stayed in our wagon, and then had the meltdown that called it a night. :)

As I mentioned previously, we handed out glow sticks tonight, and everyone seemed to like them! We don't want to be "that house," but kids like glow sticks and they still get plenty of candy.

More pictures to come (thank you, Alanna!!!), but here are my little cuties! Presenting Leonardo, a monkey, and Captain America!

With friends:

Going out at night!

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