Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The BiPAP Has Arrived!

Finally!! We got the call today, when we were planning on getting the BiPAP no matter what, that insurance approved the BiPAP for Dean! As my friend Janis said, "Glad they thought breathing was important." Right??

The respiratory therapist came tonight and was much more thorough than some other folks we've had come out for medical equipment. Apparently, we have the "Cadillac" of BiPAPs and so this thing has all the bells and whistles. Whatever, I just want to make sure my baby can breathe at night!

She said that the important thing was to ease Dean into it. If we got 5 minutes of use tonight, that was great. Then just try to do better each night.

So at the boys' regular bedtime, we put them all in their beds (Cole was bummed when we told him he had to be in his own bed) and I put an Elmo video on my iPhone for Dean to watch. We put on the mask and then Bob laid down with Dean in the bed and played the Elmo video again and again until Dean fell asleep. It really only took about 5 minutes!

Dean kept it on for about 90 minutes, until he turned onto his belly and it came off his face. I think this is actually going to be our biggest problem. We're going to talk to the respiratory therapist about it tomorrow. So the BiPAP came off at that point and then when we tried to put it back on, Dean woke up and freaked out. Done. Ninety minutes is better than zero minutes, and since we're supposed to ease Dean into it, we figured that was all for now. Hoping we keep moving in the right direction! As usual, Dean is our hero!

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