Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Evolution of a Walk Host - The Day Has Come!

After the amazing One SMALL Step for Prader-Willi Syndrome walk we attended last year in Williamsburg, we knew that we would want to be involved again.

When we found out that the walk there wasn't going to happen again, I scrambled to find someone who would do a walk here instead. A few days after swearing that I would not be the one to do the job, I signed up as a host. :)

I just knew that I didn't want the walk NOT to happen, so anything was better than nothing. That said, I did plenty of panicking and whining along the way. I attempted, unsuccessfully, to pawn the walk off on someone else, but it was clear that it was meant to be me. I had a core group of people (thank you, Jill, Sabra, Mom & Dad, Gretchen, Lori, etc.) who helped me, and without them, I would have been mush.

So today was the day! We had our walk at Dorey Park in Henrico and the weather was perfect, the turnout was great (100 people!), and we raised $17,166.20!! The one who was the most surprised? Me. I figured we could raise *something,* and that worst case, we'd all get together and have a great time knowing that we all "get it." But I am just blown away at the turnout, what we raised, and how empowering the whole experience was.

So after all this, I am thrilled. And relieved. And... I think you should put October 12, 2013 on your calendar, because we're doing it again next year!!

Here are some pictures from the day! I just realized that I'm not in any of them. Figures. Haha. There are more to come. :)
Zach and Chris

Jill and her mom head up the registration table!

Our sign!

Getting things ready (ok, my butt made this shot)

Emmett, Zach, and Dean!

Group shot!

Deano walks with Papa, Aunt Natalie, and Uncle Tim


David and Jill Henderson

Zach walks with his grandmas :)

We walk!

The beautiful pond at the park

Our lap sign!

Maxx and his dad take One SMALL Step

Cole and Uncle Tim!

Off we go...


Sharon said...

Hello from California. We are so proud of "Claire's Crew." Thank you for hosting the walk. Sharon

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Hi, Sharon!!! So good to meet your family. They are so proud to be part of your team. :) If you ever feel like making the trip, we're looking at October 12, 2013!! :)