Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Pantry Makeover

Even after all the painting and makeovers we've done around the house since last year, I've put off doing anything to the pantry. A main reason, silly as it sounds, was that I didn't want the pantry to look nice since one day it will be something we'll have to lock up to keep Dean safe. If it wasn't much to look at, then it would be fine to lock it up. 

Like I said, that's silly. The drab, scuffed walls of the pantry and the nasty linoleum-tile-covered shelves (yes, flooring tile on the shelves... did I mention they covered the entire walls of the garage with it too?) had to go. 
 Yes, really. 
Here's another view of the before (although it's kind of cheating since you can see that I'd already primed the door). 
It didn't hurt as an incentive that the pantry was in desperate need of organizing. I had no clue what was really in there! It felt good to make sense out of it anyway. 

So I got to painting. I decided on a chocolate brown for the back. This is because: 1) I'm obsessed with chocolate brown and use it whenever and wherever I can; and 2) when we redo our kitchen (that's a little sneak peek of what's to come!), we are going to use espresso-colored cabinets. 

For the shelves, I used a light blue-gray called Secret Passage (fancy pants) by Olympic. I love it. 

 Here's the finished product! You can't see the brown all that well because I was eager to show you the finished results and it's nighttime. :) Our lighting in the kitchen stinks (another hint of what's to come in a renovation...) and so this is what you get for now.

It's a bit dark, but I wouldn't do it with the colors flipped the other way. I love it. And the opportunity to organize was worth it, even if Emmett got into the sugar... and the cereal bars... and the iced tea packets... and a lot else while it was all off the shelves. Oddly, the child who had no problem with the pantry and the food being everywhere was Dean. 

Mission accomplished!


Y Mama said...

Nice work! Feels good doesn't it?

Candice said...

Nice job! Home projects are never-ending, aren't they?