Thursday, November 22, 2012

Being Thankful

When Dean was born, I remember looking at this poor, almost lifeless baby who couldn't eat, suck, open his eyes, cry loudly, had no reflexes, whose kidneys were dilated and whose blood sugar and iron levels were in the toilet... who was so limp and hypotonic that he could barely move.... The image of the parent who quickly scans her baby at birth and counts ten toes and ten fingers was completely off my radar. Because it seemed like nothing was working.

I realized quickly that if I focused only on what seemed to be going wrong, the presence of anything going well would be snuffed out.

So I decided to take stock:
I had a new son.
His name was Dean Thomas.
He was cute as ever.
He was a good birth weight given he was a preemie.
He was born... alive.
His heart was working.
His lungs were working.
He had two eyes, a nose, and a mouth.
He had all his organs and all his bones.
He was mine, and I loved him.

As soon as I started making a point to contemplate all that was going well, I had a bank of thankfulness from which to draw upon when the rest seemed to be caving in. Neglecting to do this would lead to endless overdrafts in the account when times got tough. I didn't want to be in the red.

Being thankful reminds us of what *is* instead of what *isn't.*

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