Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Not-Terrible Almost-Two-Year-Old

You guys, Emmett is getting so big. I know it's a cliché of sorts, but it's true that it's happening way too quickly. He doesn't really want to be snuggled any more and definitely has opinions about how his day is going to go now that he is bigger. Emmett will be two at the end of January and we are definitely hitting the terrible twos a little early. Thing is, by the time the third kid runs around, the sense of urgency about it needing to leave goes away (at least for us). We know that this will pass, that Emmett is not doing it to get at us personally, and that his determination is something we will prize in him later on.

Emmett is completely ready for preschool. I never thought I'd put our 1-year-old in "school," but the only reason we haven't is that there wasn't a program nearby that fit our needs with particular days/times. We have already signed him up for school at Dean's typical preschool for next year. Don't tell Emmett, but it's going to be awhile before it's September again. :)

Emmett's vocabulary is exploding. I forgot how much kids who are 21 months old CAN be talking. It's incredible. He learns multiple words a day and can speak in little sentences. I wondered if, by this age, we would find that he was on par with Dean cognitively. But he isn't. He's just a 21-month-old with a lot of words. :)

Emmett cares a lot about his brothers and asks for them every single day. Although he's slept a lot better since being in the same bedroom as them, he seems to wake up looking for Mommy and Daddy in the middle of the night here and there. Again, by the third kid, the sense of panic of thinking we'll never sleep again is not there. That said, we know that his sleep issues could be a lot worse at this point, so there's less room for panic there.

Here are some recent pics:

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Giulia said...

Congrats, Emmett !!

I know that it sounds so cliché, but it truly fits my thought.